Geschäftsführer Dietrich Washausen

CEO: Dietrich Washausen

Diwas GmbH is a broker company that is specialized in marketing and selling apartment and commercial buildings.

We have successfully completed more than 120 property transactions in Berlin Lepzig and Dresden over the past 14 years, serving both institutional and private investors at home and abroad. With sufficient financial resources to secure their purchases our clients are continuously looking for new investment opportunities. Due to our market knowledge, our excellent service and our trustworthiness we have developed strong professional relationships over the years with our costumers. And we have further earned a good reputation in the real estate sector due to our reliability, transparency and our focus on adding value to all parties involved. Thus a lot of our business is created due to referrals from existing clients.


We offer our clients a professional, experience based hands on approach during every step of the buying or selling process. We generally have an exclusive marketing contract with the owner of the property we offer. All of our employees have been working in the real estate industry for many years, regularly attending training courses and are fluent in English. Our services include:


Here you can see some of the transactions that we have completed. To date, we have arranged more than 120 multi-family home sales in Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden and Brandenburg an der Havel.

Herrschaftliches Altbaugebäude am Treptower Park

Old stately building next to Treptower Park with 12 large residential and a commercial unit

Sanierter Jahrhunderwende Altbau in Pankow

Renovated turn of the century building in Pankow with 23 residential units and no commercial units

Großer modernisierter Altbau in Kreuzkölln

Modernized old corner building in the Neukölln area. 45 residential and one commercial unit

Ruhig gelegener Altbau in Berlin Pankow

Old building situated in a quiet area in Berlin Pankow with 15 residential units and no commercial unit

Altbau in Schöneberg mit Potential

Big apartment building in Schöneberg with low rents and a lot of potential. 29 residential and 2 commercial units

Sanierter Stuckaltbau in Berlin Wedding

Beautifully renovated stucco building in Berlin Wedding. 26 residential and one commercial unit

2 Wohn- und Geschäftshäuser im Prenzlauer Berg

2 modernized apartment buildings in Prenzlauer Berg and Neukölln with 92 residential and 8 commercial units

Wunderschöner Altbau in Toplage im Prenzlauer Berg

Magnificent old building in prime location Prenzlauer Berg. 16 residential and 3 commercial units

Denkmalgeschützter Altbau in Berlin Friedrichshain

Historically listed and well maintained building in a unique location in Berlin Friedrichshain with 24 residential units

Schönes Altbaugebäude im Schillerkiez in Neukölln

Old building with development potential in Neukölln. 28 residential units

2 modernisierte 1930 errichtete Gebäude im Zentrum Köpenicks

2 modernizied old (1930s) buildings in central Köpenick with 16 residential units

Makelloser Neubau in Berlin Wittenau

Immaculate building in Berlin Wittenau, constructed in 1990 with 22 residential units

Denkmalgeschütztes Mehrfamilienhaus in Dresden

Listed apartment building in Dresden with 14 residential units

Sanierter Altbau in Dresden Coschütz

Beautifully renovated old building with 6 residential units in Dresden Coschütz

Historischer Altbau in Radebeul

Historical building in Dresden Radebeul with 18 residential and 5 commercial units

Stuckaltbau Eckgebäude in Dresdens Neustadt

Stucco building in Dresden Neustadt with 11 residential units and 1 commercial

1940 errichtetes Wohnhaus in ruhiger Lage in Dresden

1940s house that has been renovated in 2007 in a residential area in Dresden

Schöner sanierter Altbau in zentraler Lage in Leipzig

Renovated old building in Leipzigs centre with 9 residental and 1 commercial units

Denkmalgeschützter Altbau in Leipzig

Beautiful, listed and renovated old building in Leipzig Anger-Crottendorf with 10 apartments, no commercial units

Modernisiertes Mehrfamilienhaus aus 1914 in Leipzig

Well maintained, modernized apartment house from 1914 in a quiet side street with 8 residential units

Sanierter Altbau in der Innenstadt von Brandenburg an der Havel

Renovated old building with 11 residential units in the city center of Brandenburg an der Havel, no commerical units

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Diwas GmbH is a member of the Real Estate Association of Germany, a national association of real estate consultants, brokers, managers and experts. We are always informed about the latest developments in the industry as well as trained by qualified experts in the various fields relevant to our business. To become a IVD member, each applicant must successfully complete an examination. All members will receive a certificate, confirming they have met the diverse requirements of the IVD.
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We are looking for multi-family houses, residential and commercial buildings and building plots in Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Potsdam and Brandenburg an der Havel for our private and institutional investors.

Diwas GmbH offers owners a free, non-binding appraisal of the market value of their property. Based on a short standardised data collection sheet, including the location and condition of the property, the current rental income etc., we can assess the current market value. Our assessment is based on our experience with the sale of buildings as well as our daily exchange with investor clients, and then cross referenced with external sources such as real estate portals, statistics of our association, and other regularly published market analysis.

We will always treat your property with the necessary attention and discretion and we will only offer it to a selection of interested clients we have worked with before. All sales negotiations are personally accompanied by our managing director with his expertise of over 120 sales.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are thinking about selling your property!


Tel: +49 (0) 30 – 4467-4948-0 

Fax: +49 (0) 30 – 4467-4948-9

Email: info@diwas.de

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